Mathis B. Rogers began writing when he was 13.  After looking for a publisher for years, and even hiring an agent that sent his manuscript to several places no one he knew had ever heard of, he finally gave up and began posting his stories for free on his website.  In 2010 he finally found a publisher for his stories in eBook format and while looking for another one, discovered that he could publish his stories himself and get more royalties. 


Mathis created the website and monthly newsletter for the Plainview Writers Guild from 1995 to 2011. The group was folded in 2011 due to lack of interest in the area.


After losing his job at Texas Tech University College in December, 2010,  he decided to get serious about his writing and published his stories as eBooks and then published his The Mysterious Bed  as a Print on Demand novel. 


After attending a meeting of the Lubbock Writers Group, he realized that there were several people who needed help getting published and they were frustrated that they couldn't find a publisher. He decided that since he was able to understand computers easier than some people (he's totally addicted to computers), he could help people get their work published.  He created so he can help those frustrated authors see their lifelong dream of being a published author come true without having to pay a fortune to Subsidy Press companies.


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