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Below are the two newsletters that I create and maintain. Clicking on the title of the newsletter will allow you to read the current newsletter and the archives. Please note that I have not created a newsletter since October of 2012. This is due to lack of time and energy on my part. You may still subscribe and if I do find something note-worthy, I will send it out.

Mathis' Newsy Letter consists of informative articles that I find dealing with writing. I only send this newsletter when I find something pertaining to writing that I hope you find interesting and useful. If you're subscribed to "The Writer's Quill" you are subscribed to "Mathis' Newsy Letter".

After being a member of the Plainview Writers Guild from 1995 to 2011, I decided it would be nice to continue "The Writer's Quill," which was the club's monthly newsletter.


This newsletter is sent out by e-mail on the first of each month. If you subscribe to this newsletter, you will be automatically subscribed to my other newsletter.


In this newsletter, you will find articles from fellow authors, and a monthly "Author Spotlight" in which I interview an author. If you would like to be in Author Spotlight, the instructions are in each newsletter under "Author Spotlight".

Thank you for subscribing. I hope you find these newsletters useful and informative. Unsubscribing from "Mathis' Newsy Letter" will not unsubscribe you from "The Writer's Quill." Unsubscribing from "The Writer's Quill" will unsubscribe you from all newsletters. If you found this site and are not subscribed, click on "The Writer's Quill" on the menu bar above and then go down to "Subscribe to Newsletter"

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