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Thank you for selecting this option.  I'll be glad to help you.

Here's what I will do for you:

1:  I'll work with you and Dmitriy (the cover designer) to get the cover you are 100% happy with.

2:  I'll format your manuscript to Smashwords, The Amazon Kindle Store and, if you want, Createspace for your Print on Demand book.

3:  It'll show as being published by you, but I will take care of processing the files and will upload them for you.

What is this going to cost you?

The cover is $50.00 if you want Dmitriy to do it for you.

I charge $25.00 per hour to format the manuscript and process it.  Depending on the length of the novel, if you send it to me in Word format, I can probably format it to Smashwords and The Kindle Store formats in about 20 minutes.  It takes a little over an hour for  So my guestimate is around 2 hours depending on the size of the book.

I will pay Dmitriy and will include that payment in your invoice so you don't have to worry about making several different payments.

What I need from you:
1: Let me know what your vision for the cover is so I can convey that to the cover designer, Dmitriy, and submit the order to him so he can put you in his work queue.

2: The completed edited manuscript in Word format.  If you only have Open Office, save it in .doc format.  If you only have WordPerfect, leave it in WordPerfect format. Saving in Word format in WP will ruin your document.  My version of Word will read WP format without any problems.  If you have Works, save it in Works format.  Trying to save it in Word format in Works will also mess it up.  My Word will take care of it.

3: Go to and set up an account if you don't have one. Be sure to use a password you don't use anywhere else. (I do not need this password, so don't share it with anyone).

4: Go to and create an account using a password that you don't use anywhere else.  Set up your Profile information so they can pay you.  They will pay you through PayPal, however, if you want a check, you won't get paid until you have $75 in your account.  If you don't have a good picture of you, get one because you will need to put it on your author page at Smashwords.

5: Go to and create an account using a password that you don't use anywhere else.  Set up your Profile information so they can pay you.  They will pay you by direct deposit into your bank account.

6:  If you want your book in your hand as a POD, then go to and create an account.  You will enter your information for royalty payments during account setup. They pay by direct deposit, but this is separate from your Kindle Store payments.

7: After all of your eBooks are published, you will need to set up an Amazon Author Central Account.  Create  your profile and pull all of your books into it.  I'll explain how to do all that later.

So, as a recap, we're looking at:

 1: Cover - $50.00
 2: If 2 hours of formatting: $50.00
 3: If you don't want a POD you can probably subtract $25.00 from number 2.

Even if I don't take more than 20 minutes to format the manuscript, I'll charge for a full hour because of dealing with Dmitiry will take some time explaining and going back and forth between you and him with what he submits.
Even if you have your own cover, I'll still charge the full hour price, I just won't charge you the $50 for the cover.

Ready?  Click here to get started.

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