You are working on your version of “The World’s Next Great Novel” but you can’t find a publisher and you are totally frustrated.

Answer these questions:

 1: Have you finished writing your novel?

 2: Have you had your masterpiece edited professionally?

Depending on the answers above, I can help you.  You *will* be published—maybe not today, but, you have been accepted!

Before we get started, if you answered “No” to question one, first, you need to finish your manuscript. Get to work!

Then you need to get it edited. If you need an editor, I recommend checking with Fiverr to find one. I have not used anyone from Fiverr, so please let me know how you like the service.

You don’t *have* to have it edited professionally, but remember, you’ll make a fool out of yourself in print if you don’t.  Self Published Authors have a bad reputation because they don’t get their work edited. The most expensive part of being self published is going to be the editor.

Now you’ve got that done, it’s time to get published!

Here you have four options:

1: Do It yourself.  Good luck! (Come back if you need help)

2: I’ll help you.

3: I’ll do it for you. I’ll take care of everything, including editing.

4: Forget it, I’ll never be published. (NOT AN OPTION!!! Select option 2 or 3.)